Palmway Optical offers a full range of optical coatings covering the range from ultraviolet through the visible and out to the near to mid infrared.

Specialising in Astronomical Mirror coatings.

We have established a reputation for producing the highest quality astronomical mirror re-coating service for Australia.

We offer:

  • Quartz Protected Aluminium mirrors
  • Reflection Enhanced Aluminium mirrors
  • Specially Protected Broad-band Aluminium mirrors
  • Silver – protected and enhanced reflection mirrors
  • Gold

All Dielectric single and multilayer coatings

  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • Beam splitter coatings
  • High Reflection
  • Edge Filters
  • Custom designs to order

All above coatings can be deposited to glass, metals, and ceramics.

Low Pressure Ion Assisted Deposition is a cold process thus allowing all above coatings to be applied successfully to a wide range of polymers such as Teflon, PMMA (acrylic), etc.