The following quotes are from our clients who have experienced the joy of using Palmway Optical and receiving an above-standard service for their optical needs.

“Realising my 508mm mirror was no longer producing high quality planetary images, I investigated with a strong torch and found the aluminium coating was badly degraded allowing a high percentage of the photons to pass through the mirror. Fortunately there is an expert in Oz who knew exactly the remedy so I had no need to send it back overseas. A visit to Dr Wayne Sainty at Palmway Optical on the Mid North Coast of NSW was, for me, a highlight of 2016. Wayne customised the coating design to suit my particular planetary filter requirements with a protective coating guaranteed to last for years. It was a revelation to see how it was done. The job was completed in a day and I was on my way home.

The images I have taken since the new coating have met with wide acclaim from the best amateur planetary imagers in the world – a testament to Wayne’s skill for which I am extremely grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending Palmway Optical for telescope mirror coating. My next new mirror will be sent to Palmway Optical for the initial coating as I want the very best and I want it to last.”

Phil Miles, Rubyvale Queensland